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  Welcome to Lil Bleats Farm
Located along the Front Range of Colorado

Thank you for stopping by and giving Lil Bleats Farm a virtual tour where you will find lil goats full of cuteness and milk.

I raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats because they are friendly, gentle and have playful personalities – making them the udderly perfect goat (companion) for all sizes of people and pets. Nigerian dwarfs also produce large amounts of milk for their size that is higher in butterfat and sweeter in taste, so it is perfect for making cheeses, butter, and creams.

We offer healthy show quality and family milker goats that can be ADGA and AGS registered. We also sell adorable wethers as pets and weed eaters.

A good place to start is at the buck page.  I am proud of Lil Bleats buck lineup as they complement each other and prove themselves in their girls with nice conformation, lactation longevity, hardiness, and sweet personalities.  I make certain our boys have lovely breeding does who have great udders, good teat placement, large orifices, and conformation to support many years of milking.

Lil Bleats goats are ADGA registered, healthy, and well socialized. I do random CL, Johnes, TB, Brucellosis, and Q-Fever testing and CAE annually.

I ship nationwide out of the Denver and Colorado Springs Airport. To date Lil Bleats goats have been sold to folks in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming,.

** Certified DHI Tester (Langston)

Hyatt Main Street Station TimeShare for sale in Breckenridge, CO
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