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Finn & Tinkerbell
Class of 2016
I would like to take a moment to relate my experience with Lil Bleats Farm and Elizabeth. We bought 2 beautiful little does from Elizabeth, Tinkerbell and Finn. From the moment I contacted Elizabeth until the purchase and after, I felt so reassured that I was purchasing does that were healthy, cared for and loved. When we met our does for the first time I was impressed with the health and happiness of all of the goats as well as the cleanliness! Every goat we met was inquisitive, friendly and clearly loved and cared for. It is clear that raising goats is a passion and a love for Lil Bleats/Elizabeth. Elizabeth spent a great deal of time with us, going over such things as general health maintenance, demonstrating how to properly trim hooves and even how to best introduce the newcomers to our little twosome at home. I have no doubt that our beautliful little does will do well in the show ring and the milk pail..and will continue to be cherished members of our farm with their joyous happy ways. Thank you Lil Bleats farm for giving us so much joy.

Andrea & Chris - Colorado

Class of 2016
Getting our goats from Lil Bleats was a dream come true! We wanted to introduce dwarf goats to our small urban homestead for a long time. After years of research and preparation, we finally brought our kids home this summer. Elizabeth kept in communication every step of the process. She answered many newbie questions, shared cute baby goat pictures, and has followed up every few months. Her love for her animals shows in the quality of our goats. They are friendly, healthy, and full of personality. They came to us well socialized and curious. The goats have charmed our entire neighborhood. Not only are they fun companions, but they are great ambassadors for their breed. People who have never met a goat fall in love at first sight! Thanks to Elizabeth for matching us with the perfect goats for our family!

O'Ryan J - Colorado

Stitch (doe) - Class of 2016
Buying from Mrs. Ahola was quite a wonderful experience. I was looking to buy a kid for my sister as a birthday present. We already owned lines from many of the herds in Kansas and so, after getting to know Mrs. Ahola at shows, I contacted her about buying a kid. Business was done in a timely manner and responses to messages were rapid. Her insight when I looked to buy a kid was helpful and she did her best to show me what the best goat would be for my herd. Stitch is quite the healthy and happy little kid and I look forward to seeing her grow out and enter the show ring freshened in a few years. I would recommend for anyone who is looking for a Nigerian in Colorado to look into the goats at Lil Bleats. Mrs. Ahola is a wonderful lady to conduct business with and her goats are equally beautiful.

Alli & Amanda B - Kansas

2 Wethers - Class of 2016
We added two lil boys from Lil Beats Spring 2016. They are the talk of our farm! We named them Hoot and Hollar and they are healthy, non stop , entertainment for everyone including our horses. We have several things for them to play on and they love to take " selfies " with every visitor. Our 7 lb Shitsu has become their best friend too.

Thank you Lil Bleats .. you are the best!

Melisa P & Family - Colorado

Wether - Class of 2016
I tell everyone who asks about Shadow, about your lovely facility, and how well taken care of my awesome little guy was. Nearly all my animals are rescues but I didn't know enough about goats to go that route this time. You were incredibly helpful with my questions for his care, and with the slight exception that he IS a jumper (he got on that BBQ in one try lol), I couldn't be happier with his personality. His best friend is a dog and he's probably confused about whether he's a dog, a goat, or a person, but he takes it all in stride. He's gorgeous and happy and interactive and very healthy, which all speaks to your success both as an operation overall and also in the specific care you take of your little ones. Thanks for the most unusual addition to my menagerie! A very happy holiday to you. All the best,

Katherine -  Colorado

Joyful Hearts WC Blessing - Doe
Lil Bleats RC Crushin' It - Doe

Below Class of 2016
Lil Bleats MM Skake Them Hips - Doe
Lil Bleats MM The One You Need - Doe
Lil Bleats MM All Dolled Up - Doe
We are so lucky that we found Elizabeth at Lil’ Bleats and her absolutely beautiful and healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats! When we first contacted her, she quickly responded to our inquiry and was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions. When we went down to Lil’ Bleats, she spent time with us going over what she feeds the goats and we were very impressed with how organized she is with shot and worming records.

Initially we were only looking for one doe as a companion for our senior goat. Knowing the situation, Elizabeth recommended Rosie, a two-year old, who was the most wonderful and sweetest companion we could have ever wished our older doe to have. When our older girl was at CSU for treatments, Rosie needed a companion herself so we got Missy who is a one-year beautiful tri-colored doe. Rosie and Missy are the best of friends and like to cuddle all the time. We really wanted a kid so next we got Lizzy (another tri-colored doe) and she just stole our hearts. She is super sweet and loveable and craves human attention. If you lean down, she’ll jump right into your lap (or on your back). She is so full of personality and the love of our life! Well you can’t have just one baby, right? So then we got Aspen and Minnie. They are also adorable and tri-colored and fitting right in within the rest of the gang! Well within three short months, we ended up with five gorgeous goats from Elizabeth! I would highly recommend Lil’ Bleats to anyone looking for a Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Tom & Christine - Colorado

Lil Bleats KZ On Overdrive - Buck
Lil Bleats RC Walk That Line - Doe
Lil Bleats KZ Got A Girl Crush - Buck
Lil Bleats R Can't  Stop Now - Doe
All Class of 2015
When we had first started looking for goats for my daughter’s 4-H project we had been encouraged to purchase Nigerians. After a few months of looking for breeders in our area we stumbled upon Lil Bleats, and we were all blown away. Elizabeth and her husband put so much time and effort into raising these beautiful goats! We originally were only going to purchase two goats, but after we saw her facilities we fell in love with two more. We have two does Charlotte (Tri Colored) and Lily (Buckskin) and two bucks, Fredrick (Red and White) and Quentin (Gold). My family is in love with each one and all the goats have their own spunky personality. If we ever had any questions Elizabeth was always eager to answer, and she has truly impacted our lives and gifted us with four beautiful additions to our family. We really cannot thank Elizabeth enough for all of her hard work, but she truly is an exceptional breeder and person.

Thank you,
Acacia & Family - Colorado

Doc & Wyatt (2 wethers)
Class of 2015
I was referred to LilBleats by a friend. It was so easy to work with Elizabeth. Her website is easy to navigate and secure. Our two goats, Doc (brown, tan and white) and Wyatt (black and white), are absolutely delightful. They entertain all of our barnyard animals with their antics of jogging sideways and dancing around. I had to bribe them with raisins at first to go on walks with me around the ranch, but now they pester me to join their adventures out and about our 160 acres. I would recommend LilBleats because the attention Elizabeth gives to the goats’ health and your life-style is well matched. Our goats are very sociable and handsome, too!

Mary Lee & Family - Wyoming
Lil Bleats KZ I'm Worth It
Class of 2015

Lil Bleats R Cinderellas Dream
Enclosed is my experience with your beautiful goats. They are quite healthy, and Geoffrey, the buckling, has doubled his size in just two months. Both Geoffrey and Josie (the doe), have wonderful personalities, and are so loving to me. They want their sides patted, their faces rubbed, and stand patiently for their evening brushing. Positive reinforcement training is going well, especially with the sliced apples as treats! I am so grateful to have purchased goats for the first time from you. Thank you.

Anne Marie - Colorado

Lil Bleats RC Little Toy Guns
Class of 2015
We are so happy with our buckling from 'Lil Bleats farm'. I am very impressed with the quality of the animal I purchased, the superior customer support I received, and the overall condition of the herd was remarkable! I highly recommend Lil Bleats Farm to anyone searching for top quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats!

Nancy L. Cook, D.V.M.  - Colorado/California

Tess - Class of 2014
Legacys MS Bit-A-Java
Lil Bleats KZ Boys 'Round Here
How lucky am I to have stumbled upon Elizabeth and Lil Bleats when I first started researching Nigerian Dwarfs?! The more I learn, the luckier I feel. These goats are not only beautiful but also healthy and well tempered. Our doeling Tess is a testament to being able to dam raise a kid and still end up with a friendly farm ambassador. We purchased 3 does - one in milk, a doeling, and a bred FF - and Elizabeth guided our family through the process and made sure we took home the girls who would be right for us. We'll buy our buck from Lil Bleats next year to ensure that our herd is being started with the best stock available. And if I have any questions on kidding/milking/breeding goats? Elizabeth is only a phone call or an email away. Again, so lucky!

Danielle & Family - Colorado

Class of 2014
We love our wether goat from lil' bleats! We named him Pumpkin because we picked him up at the fall harvest show and he was surrounded by beautiful fall pumpkins. He is the sweetest boy, so calm, well adjusted and healthy. He instantly fell in love with our Nigerian girl. Elizabeth is wonderful. She answered all my questions, and continues to about goats. These goats are our first and we adore them. I will always buy goats from Elizabeth in the future because I am confident that not only do we have a healthy boy but she will help me as I continue my journey of learning more about goats. We are so lucky we found her and Pumpkin!

Thanks Elizabeth!!!

Lindsey & Family - Colorado

Frankie & Joey
Class of 2014
We got our two wethers, Frankie and Joey, from Elizabeth in July 2014. The little boys were healthy and adapted well to their new home. Being first time goat owners Elizabeth's review before taking them home and much needed follow-up questions was much appreciated. Elizabeth was just a phone call or email away. Our goats are loving and bring us much joy. I would highly recommend Lil Bleats.

Susan & Paul - Colorado
Polly's Girl
Class of 2014
We absolutely love the sweet doeling that we got from Lil Bleats Farm! She is healthy, robust, adorable and full of personality. Elizabeth was a real pleasure to work with. The love she has for her goats is evidenced by the exceptional care she gives them all.

April & Family - Colorado
Lil Bleats KZ I'm A Tornado
The health and quality of my little girl purchased from Little Bleats farm is above and beyond expectation's. She has adjusted so well to her new home. I cant wait to see her freshen. I am very pleased on the friendship I have acquired in purchasing this lil girl. Elizabeth is such a sweet person that is very professional but, then very down to earth and friendly. I recommend any purchases from her. She will answer you open and honest. I plan on purchasing again in the future!

Warm Wishes
Shannon - Wyoming

Shrek & Fiona
Class of 2013

Velvet Acres 2K2B Prancy Pixie - 2013
Prairie Wood Hot Pistol Annie - 2014
Lil Bleats SB I Don't Dance - 2014
We purchased 2 goats from Lil'Bleats in the spring of 2013, "Shrek" and "Fiona". Both Shrek and Fiona have been extremely healthy and friendly since they came home. They follow us all over and will even come running when called. Elizabeth has been so helpful answering my numerous questions and e-mails. She has always been available for us which is very reassuring. I would definitely purchase another goat from Lil'Bleats.

Michele & Family - Colorado

Class of 2013
(Sapphire & 2 wethers)
We are new to goat ownership and Lil Bleats was the perfect breeder for us. Elizabeth’s goats are bred to have solid blood lines that result in beautiful, healthy goats with sweet dispositions.

Elizabeth helped us select the right goats and she provided us with all the necessary information we needed to care for them, including their favorite foods, a health recap and even suggestions for the best type of fencing to keep them safe. And her concern for her Lil Bleats goats doesn’t end once they have left her farm. She continues to serve as a resource for us, patiently answering our questions and providing us with insights, hints and tips for their care.

We spoke to several breeders before going with Lil Bleats and we feel so fortunate to have gone with Elizabeth and the Lil Bleats team. We love our goats!

Karey & Family - Colorado
2013 Boys Lil Bleats was our number 1 choice for stock when we decided to breed and raise Nigerian Dwarf goats. We picked out our boys based on the extensive records on lineage available for perusal on Lil Bleats web site.

When we went to pick them up Elizabeth gave us a tour and introduced us to all the goats including the parents of my 2 boys. Lil Bleats is the nicest and cleanest facility I have seen. The goats are treated like royalty instead of a commodity and I feel that makes a huge difference in the offspring along with their impeccable breeding.

We cant be happier with our choice to buy from Lil Bleats! Our boys are beautiful and healthy. Both are very correct and represent the breed well. Both have wonderful temperaments. They are easy to handle, respectful and gentle. Everyone who comes to visit my goats absolutely loves my boys and one person even tried to buy one from me. These goats will be with us for the rest of their lives and we wouldn't sell them. They are worth their weight in gold to us. The only problem we have is trying to decide which buck to breed to which doe. Our future looks bright with our star attractions!

Thank You so much Elizabeth!

Heather & Nathan - Colorado

Hans and Frans
Class of 2013
My one year old son received two dwarf goats a month ago, his grandma and grandpa Jerry and Dee purchased the goats from Lil Bleats for his first birthday. Some people have thought it a tad insane to give a one year old goats but these two who have been named Hans and Frans have been my sons most enjoyable gift that he has received. Every morning he wakes up and runs to the window to see them and starts making "baaaa" and "maaa" noises while staring at his goats and laughing. Then I take him out side to refill their water and feed them. My son loves petting them and chasing them, it only took them about a week to adjust to a one year old chasing them but now they see to enjoy him and will even walk up to him (usually he does have a food bowl with him). I was nervous that they could kick him or bite him but they have never done any of that. A one year old can be rough when playing with or petting animals and they just stand there and eventually will walk away slowly.

In a few short weeks the goats have become very well adjusted and seem to enjoy their new home and their new one year old "master". Hans and Frans have become wonderful playmates for my son, whenever he wants to see them he runs to the window and calls for them "baaaa" and then I take him outside, this happens at least three times a day. While he chases and plays with Hans and Frans I can garden or take care of the other animals. They have become enjoyable for my son and I.

These goats came to us happy and healthy and have made a good addition to our home.

Joanne & Family - Wyoming
Goldie I was fortunate enough to find Elizabeth of Lil Bleats Farm on the internet. I own & operate a very small grade A Dairy with a closed herd of Lamanchas. I wanted to get a Nigerian Dwarf buck (for several reasons) but mainly to start raising Mini Manchas for my dairy/cheese operation. For me to bring in a new animal to my herd was a BIG deal.

I am extremely anal about health & testing - "clean" animals" are a must. Elizabeth worked with me on getting all of my requirements met prior to my new buck coming "home". She is very concerned about her animals well being after they leave her place.

Goldie is extremely well behaved & a pleasure (stinky but a pleasure) to be around. I am a stickler for pedigree, production, & conformation. Goldie has all of the above. I can't wait to see his offspring next year!

I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for either a show or pet Nigerian Dwarf.

Cynthia - Colorado

2012 Doeling Sophie
"I purchased Sophie in March 2012 from Lil' Bleats and she has proven to be a healthy, strong and sweet addition to my small herd. She is great with people, including kids, and incredibly sociable -- she just marches right up to new people and wants a pat on the head!!

It was great to work with Elizabeth -- she is responsive, attentive, and knowledgable. Elizabeth obviously cares a great deal about her herd and the people to whom she sells her goats. Sophie was in great shape when I got her --round and healthy! Elizabeth has continued to answer my questions and check in with me even after I brought Sophie home. This has been so nice for me as a first time goat owner.

I look forward to working with Elizabeth and Lil' Bleats in the future! Thanks for everything!"

Taber - Colorado
2011 - Charlie & Annabelle

2013 - Doe, 2 Bucks & Kazu
When we decided to start a Nigerian herd we wanted to start with the best possible lines of milkers and show quality Nigerians that we could find and afford. After much looking and research on the web, we came across Elizabeth's web site and were very impressed with what we saw and the pedigrees of the goats. What Elizabeth offered was extremely high quality wonderful Nigerians. In our correspondence Elizabeth provided a great deal of information and this was invaluable in our choosing to purchase Avolino Farm TWK Seamus (Charlie) and Avian Acres BRN Lady Annabelle (Annabelle). These were both extremely healthy and beautiful goats and have personalities beyond compare. Both Charlie and Annabelle are an excellent start to our Nigerian herd, which placed us in an excellent position to move forward. Anyone seeking quality, healthy and personable Nigerians should purchase from Elizabeth at Lil Bleats Farm.

Pete - Colorado
2011 & 2012 Kids "We have purchased several high quality goats from Lil Bleats Farm and have enjoyed every step of the process. Elizabeth not only cares about the quality of her goats but also about the integrity of her breeding business so she offers education and advice to the buyer before, during and even after the purchase."

Lisa & Family - Colorado
Bits and Sugar Plum I decided to buy from Elizabeth because I saw that she had good show quality animals that were healthy. The thing that we like most about our goats are the quality and the personality! We love the different personalities! They are so sweet! We would consider buying a quality buck from Elizabeth in a few years.

Lissy - Colorado

Class of 2011
Hi Elizabeth!

We chose to buy from you because you have a quality breeding program focusing on type, health, and disposition. Kids get a lot of socialization. Joe came to use very friendly and calm. He continues to be that way today. Our Togg doe is friendly to people who she knows. Joe likes everyone...that is part of his be an ambassador.

Joe was healthy and free of parasites. The herd is tested free of CAE and CL. He had been given his CDT vaccinations. His hooves were trimmed. He adjusted well when he arrived and has been hale and hearty since.

Joe is well socialized and sweet. We were given excellent customer service by you. I feel that you tend to look at what a goat is going to be used for and select the right kid for each family. Joe was a great fit for our family. You were also very organized with delivery and gave us the option to meet you at the airport. This saved us a lot of time and miles.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about goats to buy from you. People should research the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed and be sure they are the right goats for them. They should also be prepared to give good care and housing to their goats.

Thank you for making Joe available to us.


Morganne....parents Marlin and Jennifer - Colorado

Class of 2011
If you are looking for a well bred Nigerian Dwarf goat then you need not look any farther than Elizabeth Ahola with Lil Bleats. To understand this statement maybe a little background would help. I, myself, was a Owner/Handler/Breeder of AKC Shetland Sheepdogs with a 15 year back ground in my breed. I understood the ethics needed to be more than a breeder of something. It takes much more, showing, testing for health issues, good placement of my puppies and a strong responsibly for the life of that animal, for its lifetime. I was/am well respected in my breed with the knowledge to breed to the standard, show my dogs and breed them with respect to health and temperament. So, with this knowledge base I wanted a breeder who took breeding with the overall animal in mind. I believe that you get this type of ethical breeder in Elizabeth.

After losing a wonderful goat that I purchased from a breeder while living in Oklahoma, I needed another goat and this breeder did not have any kids at the time, so with my move to Colorado I did a search for breeders of Nigerian Dwarfs. Elizabeth's name came up and I checked out her site and I liked what I saw. Thus began the journey to acquire Maxwell. Elizabeth was very helpful and emailed me when Maxwell was born. She was not just interested in selling this little goat but finding him a forever home. She made sure that she understood what I wanted and took the time to raise Maxwell to be able to join my Miniature horse and be a wonderful goat friend. Maxwell has a WONDERFUL temperament with no health issues. When Maxwell arrived at my home he was happy and healthy. Elizabeth is still available to give help and advice at any time. She also is very helpful with the continuing yearly health needs of my silly little piggy goat, Maxwell. Yes, he lives up to his name and is an outstanding representative of the breed! Thanks Elizabeth for my little goat, Maxwell.

Debbie - Colorado

Patty and her beautiful
2012 doeling Cupcake
We have been so pleased with Pitty Pat ("Patty") since we purchased her from Lil Bleats. She gives us the most delicious, creamy milk! When I picked her up, she was happy and healthy and Elizabeth provided us with her complete set of records. It has really helped me to have the records and guidance on how to keep her healthy, as we are new to goats and my son is planning to show her. That was the reason we purchased from Lil Bleats; we were looking for a show quality goat from someone we could trust. Elizabeth was very honest and helpful during our search for the right goat to get us started with milk and in the ring. We have since bred her and she gave birth to a beautiful little doeling, which we are retaining. When someone is looking for a goat, whether to show or for milk, I often mention Lil Bleats because I know they represent quality. We are very pleased with our purchase and would definitely buy from them again.

Melissa - Colorado

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