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Sales Policy

Kid Reservations:
  • I do not take reservations based on eye or coat color.
  • Verbal doe reservations only on AI breedings.  Verbal and money accepted on AI buck reservations. 
  • Reservations are made on the dam.  Sire can change till confirmed bred.
  • Two types of reservations are accepted.  A verbal reservation where you will be contacted (emailed) once the desired kid is placed on the For Sale page.  The second type of reservation is by making a deposit (see below) and this reservation has priority over verbal reservations.
  • A $100 deposit is required to secure a reservation for each doe/buck unborn kid.  $50 deposit for each wether is required.  Your deposit will be returned or can be transferred to another available breeding if the reserved dam does not kid the desired sex.   Deposits are taken on a first-come first-serve basis.  No animal is considered reserved until money has been received.  PayPal works great for making a reservation.  Please contact me before making a reservation to confirm availablity.
  • Our kids are typically priced between $300 and $800.  Pet wethers (fixed male) are $125.  Final pricing is determined after birth by their conformation and resume (such as show records, kidding history, DHI records, Linear Appraisal scores, AGS classification, and HES scores) of dam, sire, and other close relatives.  I will, if reserved ahead of time with a paid deposit, lock in the quoted price on the kidding schedule.
  • Email to inquire about your desired breeding.
  • I utilize email a lot.  Please check your emails frequently and check kidding status via the kidding schedule.
  • Kids are expected to be picked up between 8-12 weeks of age. If previous arrangements were not made with me, kids not picked up within that time frame will be charged a $3/day boarding fee.   Exception would be if I need to hold kids for evaluation.
  • Buck reservations - Only the best will be left intact.  I reserve the right to wether any of my bucks if I feel they do not meet my expectations.  I reserve the first right of refusal on my bucks if they are offered for resale.  I reserve the right to 20 straws of semen from any buck sold for the cost of collection and processing only.  Selected bucks are sold with a signed contract.
  • All our Nigerians come with AGS/ADGA applications or papers.

  • Purchasing 'For Sale' page Animals:
  • I sell to the first person with money. 
  • Half payment is expected via PayPal to hold your animal.  Balance due will include the PayPal 4% fee if applicable.  You do not need a PayPal account to make payment.
  • All monies received are non refundable.  If you back out for any reason, our deal is complete.
  • Adult animals are expected to be picked up within 30 days of purchase.   Kids are expected to be picked up between 8-12 weeks of age.   Bottle babies are the exception.  Please contact me about pickup expectations before purchasing a bottle baby.  If previous pick up arrangements were not made with me, adults/kids not picked up within their time frame will be charged a $3/day boarding fee.
  • Balance due must be zero before any animal leaves the farm.  ONLY cash is accepted if making final payment while picking up the goat.  No exception.
  • All our Nigerians come with AGS/ADGA applications or papers.

  • Travel/Health:
  • No goat will leave our farm if it is ill.
  • I test the herd using my vets protocal. Type of tests, dates and results are on the individual goat pages. Buyer is responsible for any additional testing they would like - including required tests for Health Certs.
  • Health Certs are provided at the buyer's request and at their expense.  Mandatory if ground/air shipping.
  • We are not responsible for your goat’s health once the goat leaves our property/farm.  The risk of loss and/or sickness/disease transfers to the new owner once the animal leaves our farm.  This includes me transporting the animal for you.  Since I cannot control stress that may occur as a result of shipping/moving, the animal's environment, or management once they leave our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees.  Please read up on Shipping Fever and make sure you have the meds required for treatment on hand.
  • I will assist buyer in making travel arrangements.  If flying your animal out of Denver or Colorado Springs, you are responsible for paying for the pet carrier(s),  health certificate, mileage/tolls to & from the airport if applicable and airfare.  All travel fees must be paid in full a week before departure date.
  •  I will not test animals under 3 months old.
  • Dept of Ag Animal Movement Requirements Link
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