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Pedigree Terminology

Great read ... Registries Milk & Show Titles written by Kathy Winters

AGS Titles
AR (Advanced Registry) - earned a milk star on 305-day test
Master Champion (MCH) - earned Grand Champion at 3 different AGS shows
3*D -- earned her milk star and so did both her dam and maternal grand (she's the third generation of star milkers)
E - Excellent - classified with a score of 90 or above in AGS

ADGA Titles
G - earned her milk star along with a permanent championship
CH - earned Grand Champion at 3 different ADGA shows
3*M - third generation star milker
E90 - linear appraised with an overall score of 90, which is an Excellent rating

Comparing AGS and ADGA titles
*M = *D
(A doe can also earn a *M or *D if she has 3 daughters who qualify or a combination of sons and daughters that  qualify.)
"E"s are similar, but the AGS appraisal program is different than ADGAs

Buck Milk Awards
*B (ADGA) = *S (AGS)
(bucks can earn this if their dams or offspring are qualified)
+B = +S
(bucks can earn this if they have three AR or Star daughters from three different dams, or sons with +B's)
++B = ++S
(bucks can earn this if he has both sons and daughters who qualify.

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