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Some useful information:
Dept of Ag Animal Movement Requirements Link
Medication Care Sheet
Linear Traits Sheet
LA Handbook
Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States
Milk Content Info Sheet
City of Colorado Springs Ordinance
Fias Co. All About Goats Info

About Us
Why Goats? – How’d It All Start?

I get this question a lot and I admit it comes from our horse friends most and my answer is WINSTON!

Yup – it all started with Winston, a mini Cheviot Sheep ram, who we rescued from the terrible fires along the Front Range of Colorado a number of years back. To keep him company we got him a Pygmy goat. A year passed and I figured out I wasn’t very fond of Winston destroying my chicken coop but the goat was ok.

We traded Winston for a few unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats and that was our hook. We had found the goat of choice and after another few years of raising and breeding them we decided to sell off the unregistered group and get a bit more serious with the hobby and buy registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. And this was the beginning of Lil Bleats Farm – Est. 2009.

** Certified DHI Tester (Langston) - available for 1 day milk tests/competitions and verification tests

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